Get Immediate Answers to Frequently Asked Prospective Tenant Questions

Q. How can I see one of your properties?
A. On most of our properties, there will be a link in the property description that you can click to
let yourself into the property. You are welcome to visit those properties at your convenience.
Should you not see a link with that information, it may be a property that we will provide a
guided tour. In that case, you can simply contact our office to request an appointment.

Q. How much is your application fee?
A. Non-Refundable fee of $60 per adult

Q. Does my child have to pay an application fee?
A. Anyone that will be occupying the property, that is 18 years or older, must pay an application fee, and apply to live in the property.

Q. What are your rental qualifications?
A. Please find them here

Q. Do you accept pets?
A. This is on a property by property basis. Please check the ad for the property that you are
interested in for all pet details.

Q. Once I apply, when will I know if I am approved?
A. This typically takes 2 business days. However, it can take longer if your current and/or previous landlord, employer, etc. doesn’t respond quickly, or if we are waiting for you to submit additional documentation.

Q. I noticed a stain on the carpet when I saw the property. Will that be taken care of?
A. All of our properties are rented in the exact condition you see them in when you visit them. By this time, we have already completed any work that we will be doing at the property.

Q. What about a washer and/or dryer?
A. None of our properties include washers and/or dryers.

Q. What happens once I am approved?
A. Once you are approved, you will have 24 hours to complete your lease signing  and pay your security deposit.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. Your security deposit, first month's rent, and pet fees (if applicable) must be paid by certified
check or money order. After your first month, you can pay online via a checking/savings account or credit card, or sign up for our monthly auto pay service.